Mini Tutorial

At ANZSC2020, we are warmly welcoming proposals from speakers who would like to present 90 minute mini-tutorials during the conference. These might be held in one room during the parallel sessions throughout the conference. These mini-tutorials will be different to the one-day workshops immediately preceding the conference.

Mini-tutorials will explore a particular area of statistics, where the target audience consists of members from the following demographics:

  • Senior statisticians who are experts in one area of statistics and who are interested in learning about another field of statistics (eg. a medical statistician who has no prior knowledge of environmental statistics)
  • Junior statisticians (such as delegates who are attending their very first statistical conference and who are interested in learning more about statistics than what is written in an undergraduate textbook)
  • Delegates who are not working primarily in statistics but who might like to form stronger relationships with statistics and statisticians (eg. market researchers, health professionals, economists).

A 90 minute  mini-tutorial is not sufficient duration for a tutorial participants to leave with skills that they did not have prior to the tutorial (as might be expected following a one-day workshop), instead the goal of these mini-tutorials is for participants to develop an over-all perspective of what is happening within a particular field of statistics and for participants to be able to have more meaningful conversations with colleagues working in that field of statistics.